Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

What is included in the package?

Please check out our TOURS & PACKAGES page for a detailed list.

Do I need to know how to swim to take surf lessons?

Lessons for beginners are usually conducted in waist-high water and with a personal surf instructor, so there is no need for swimming skills. However depending on the wave and current conditions, it may be useful for you. Should you also want to advance your skills and go into deeper water, swimming may help you with your confidence and be important in other situations.

Is surfboard rental included? Can I bring my own surfboard?

Yes, the package already includes surfboard rentals. If you want to bring your own surfboard, please let us know and we will check if we can fit your surfboard with the group. There is also a discount if you bring your own board.

Will it cost the same if I bring my own car / figure out my own transportation?

YES the package price will still be the SAME. The  price is divided according to the target number or participants and we will still be paying the same amount for the van rental, driver fee, toll fee, gas – with or without you with us.

You are allowed to convoy with the group or meet us there but it will still cost the SAME.

Can I have my own room?

Yes, but you have to let us know ahead of time to check if there are available rooms at the resort. There will also be ADDITIONAL CHARGES.

None of my friends want to go. Can I go alone?

OF COURSE you can! Going on a Surfista Travels tour group is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Many of our participants come alone then make new friends.

What if I can’t make it to the tour at the last minute?

Once made, payments are NON-REFUNDABLE but transferable to another person. Please notify us ASAP for any changes and so that we can send the new registration form to the participant replacing your spot.

I’m flying in from another country and staying in Manila for the night. Where do you recommend I stay before meeting you at the pick up point?

We recommend MANILA BOUTIQUE HOSTEL located in Makati.

Can Surfista Travels make a package just for me and my friends?

YES we can arrange that for you! Please coordinate with us what you have in mind (place, number of days, lessons, etc.) Package price will depend on your preferences and number of participants.

How do I pay?

We will send you our bank account details as soon as you send your Registration Form. If you would like to pay via PayPal (which is the more convenient option for our international participants), we will be adding extra charges to the package.

Extra FAQ’S for SIARGAO:

Is airfare included in the package?

No, it is not. You must purchase your own airfare on the specific dates of your trip.

Which airline / flight should I take?

We highly recommend taking Cebu Pacific Airlines since they have direct flights to Siargao (via Cebu) on the dates that we have chosen. There is only one flight going to and from Siargao on those days so it should be easy to choose. There are also flights going to Surigao city then you can take a boat to Siargao island.

Can I bring my own surfboard? 

Yes. Please let us know ahead of time so we can take out surfboard rental fees.

Are meals included?

Only daily breakfast and island hopping lunch are included in our packages. Meals are not included since our clients have different tastes & meal preferences. We will have the option of going to different restaurants and trying different kinds of food during the weekend.

Can I have my own room?

Yes you can but you will have to tell us ahead of time and pay extra for that room. We also have to check for room availabilities.

I’ve sent my Registration Form. Is my slot reserved?

No. We still need to receive your down payment before you are guaranteed a slot for that specific trip.

I’ve already given my down payment but can’t go anymore. Can I get a refund?

No. As stated on our website, payments can only be transferable to another person. Please only send your Registration Forms only if you are sure to go. Once you have made you P5,000 down payment, that is non-refundable.

I’m 17 years old and my parents have given me permission. Can I still join the Siargao Surfista Camps?

Participants must be at least 18 year of age, unless accompanied by parent or guardian.

Can I do other things besides what is written on the website / stated in the itinerary?

Of course you may. You will have one free day to do whatever you want while in Siargao. There are many other things to do in the island!

What do I need to bring?

We’ll send you an e-mail with reminders and a list of things to bring as soon as you have confirmed your registration with us!

Should you have any other questions that are not in this list, please do not hesitate to leave a message on our CONTACT US page or send an e-mail to surfistatravels@gmail.com

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