Surfista Travels Philippines is a local surf company that currently organizes surf camps and surf lessons in Siargao Island. Elaine Abonal, founder of Surfista Travels, has always liked travelling around the Philippines and to different countries, surfing, and meeting different kinds of people.  She learned how to surf in La Union in 2002 when there were really no surf schools, surf resorts and no convenient way to learn how to surf. Through the years, she has seen the surf culture change and grow in the Philippines and saw that being able to help people get into surfing and surf spots the most FUN, CONVENIENT & SAFE way possible was her own way of contributing and sharing her passion for surfing. Her friend and pro surfer Luke Landrigan and his dad, San Juan Surf Resort owner Brian Landrigan, helped and encouraged to start Surfista Travels in 2012. Since then she has continued to grow and is also certified by the International Surfing Association as an International Surf Instructor trained in Bali and by Bali’s Lifeguards for Lifesaving.

        Surfista Travels is now 5 years old and has had more than 300 participants from all over the Philippines and the world. It has become a known local brand for Philippine surfing and now organizes surf camps and lessons in Siargao island. Surfista Travels is the most professional, fun and safe way to learn how to surf or go on a surf trip in Siargao. We have been blessed to be able to be part of Philippine Surfing history and encourage fellow Filipinos and foreigners to discover surfing and realize that we live in a beautiful country!

International Surf Association Surf Instructor Certificate which she trained for in Bali and also has a Lifesaving Certificate with Balawista Lifeguards of Bali, Indonesia.

She has contributed her photos and articles to numerous magazines and newspapers around the country and other parts of the globe. She is also available as a personal surf tour guide and may be contacted through the Surfista e-mail address: surfistatravels@gmail.com.

WATCH this video from 2012 of Elaine Abonal being intreviewed on ANC’s Shop Talk to talk about how Surfista Travels operates.


Featured in Yahoo! Philippines news – Elaine Abonal has been helping spread the good news about surfing in the Philippines for a long time.

The Philippines is a fast growing surf destination with its numerous islands and waves around the country. Surfing as a sport and as a lifestyle is also starting to pick up within people who live in Manila and incoming visitors.

So come JOIN US and share our passion for surfing, traveling, meeting new people, exploring Siargao island in the Philippines and having a great time!

Elaine Abonal surfing in Cloud Nine, Siargao Island
Photo by Kyron Rathbone

Elaine Abonal with San Juan Surf School’s Luke Landrigan and Brian Landrigan of La Union – the people who inspired Surfista Travels. Without them, we wouldn’t be here! :)

Elaine Abonal speaks English, French, Spanish and Tagalog. In 2012, she worked with French Canadian TV show OuiSurf. WATCH this short video of her talking about Surfista Travels in French.

With the 1st ever group of Surfista Travels to La Union. Surfista has gone a LONG way since then!!!

To read more about Elaine Abonal or how Surfista Travels Philippines started, please go to our PRESS / PUBLISHED page and see links to different blog posts and online features and interviews.

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