The March 2012 participants of Surfista Travels Philippines! So stoked after an awesome weekend :)

At the end of our surf trips to La Union, we asked participants to answer a feedback form about their experience & trip. We didn’t ask for their names so they could answer as honestly as possible and here’s what they had to say!

What did you enjoy MOST on the trip?

“SURFING!!!” (almost every person said this)

“Everything! The company and your PASSION just infects everyone else! I love it!”

“I enjoyed the PEOPLE the most and that that it was WELL-ORGANIZED.”

“Bonding with the whole group and meeting new FRIENDS.”

“Good people, friendly coordinator and staff, good amenities. I also like the small group.”

“It was an awesome trip with a good group of people. I loved meeting friends, surfing, being by the beach.”


“Catching that loooooooong ride!”

“Surfing and the surprise visit from BOGART the Explorer!” ~ Ghoul Crisologo (repeat customer)

“Surfing with my son, cold beer with my friends. I had more rides on my 2nd trip compared to the first surf trip.” ~ Bob Buenaobra (repeat customer)

Giuliame Crisologo getting his 2nd certificate with Surfista. This guy is going to be a pro surfer before we know it!

Elaine Abonal with loyal Surfista Pai de Leon

Other comments, suggestions or thoughts?

“I’m so happy I went. AWESOME trip!”

“Good job on your new business venture. Everything went well. I was impressed with your coordination of the trip and keeping everyone involved and excited.”

“So I tried riding the big boy waves on my own. It felt like I was in a washing machine.”

“We LOVE Surfista Travels!”

“Thank you – including the sponsors.”

“I want to SURF some more!!”

“We want longer trips!”

“Thanks for the great weekend. Until our next surf adventure!”

“Thanks so much. I had a great weekend, you guys are awesome. Can’t wait for the next trip ;) I’m already excited!”

“Looking forward to the next Surfista adventure!! :)”

“Surfista Travels is HIGHLY recommendable. 5 stars! ” ~ Emerson Bragais

All smiles after an awesome surf session, March 2012, La Union

“So glad Surfista participants keep GROWING in numbers. Looking forward to more trips in the next surf season.” ~ Bob Buenaobra (repeat customer)

“I would recommend this trip for anyone who wants to learn how to surf and meet other people with similar interests.”

“Joining SURFISTA was a VERY VERY good decision on my part! I love the people, the waves, the surfing, the freebies, the coordinator… EVERYTHING! Yayyy!”

“Even if I’ve surfed in Baler and Siargao, I enjoyed surfing in the Billabong All Girls Surf Camp because they trained us well. We had conditioning exercises like the warm up exercises/yoga, paddling, and since I already knew the basics, I asked Luke Landrigan (who was pushing my board) to teach me more intermediate tricks – like how to turn my board left and right and to try to catch my own waves. Thanks Surfista Travels!” ~ Chelle Tingzon, participant of the Billabong All Girls Surf Camp Summer 2012

The 1st Surfista Travels group! See how we’re growing in numbers and how we have repeat customers :)

“I love how Surfista Travels takes out the hassle from planning a surf trip. 0% stress and 100% fun. Plus, I like that we did a beach clean up after – this speaks so much of Surfista’s commitment to the environment.”  ~ John David Lagos

“My experience in one word: STOKED! ” ~ Casey Yunque

“Being a constant traveler myself, I really consider myself lucky that I cam across Surfista Travels Philippines. You (dear Elaine) have inspired me to appreciate and further promote the beauty and culture of our country whether I’m here or abroad. You’re living the life – the surfer life!! Keep it up!!” ~ Larry Guevara

“I’ve been on this trip 3 times and each time is different – in a good way because it’s never boring and you never know what to expect.” ~ Frances Poblete

“I think each group is different and it’s really the participants who can make the difference every trip. You are doing a great job! Keep it up and continue inspiring more Pinoys. You make Surfistas proud. Boom!!” ~ Larry Guevara

Sembreak Surfista Camp to La Union, October 2012

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