September 2012 Surfista Trip by Hanz Cubillan

It didn’t really occur to me to take up surfing. I’ve been watching surfers come and go in my hometown of Siargao, but never really thought of learning it. So how did this start?

I remember just staying at home recovering from a nasty flu. I was checking pictures in Instagram under the hashtag #siargaoisland and came across Elaine Abonal’s profile. Seeing the pictures of my hometown and her riding the waves of Cloud Nine made me realize that, “hey, I should be doing that!” I added her up in Instagram and Facebook. Luckily, an upcoming Surfista trip was scheduled (Sept. 22-23), and I decided to join.

Instagram makes connections! Follow us @SurfistaTravels

I was quite anxious on the day of the trip. I realized I was going alone with no idea if I could do this… Arriving at San Juan Surf School, I was immediately taken by the relaxed atmosphere. At once, the sight of the ocean was welcoming. The sunrise beckoned new beginnings…

Hanz with his instructor, Manong Abe of San Juan Surf School

The moment we started the lessons, all I could think of was “you better stand up on that board!” Luckily, my first instructor, Kuya Abe, was really patient with me. Somehow, his vibe rubbed off on me. The edginess was gone, and voila, I was able to catch a wave…

And I caught another one, and then another one and then another one…It was an incredible feeling!

Documented & dream come true!! Hanz’ first time to ride on a wave!!

Buoyed by the confidence I got from the first day, the lessons the following day were a breeze (hah! Still had some wipeouts!) This time, Kuya Bash was my instructor. He was really “chill” so to speak, and always told me to have proper timing so that I can catch a wave. And catch numerous waves I did!

Towards the end of the trip, I realized that I haven’t felt this happy in a long time : )  Is this what they call “stoked”? I think so, and since everyone was in this state, no one wanted to leave! The bonds that were formed were strong enough to form new friendships!

Zinka fun with Manong Abe

Surfista trips are about new friends and fun!

I highly recommend Surfista trips to those who want to learn surfing. Surfista really watches out for its participants, and it shows in how they arrange everything for you – the transpo, accommodation…and did I mention we had sponsors? Never got thirsty thanks to Lighwater, didn’t get sunburned thanks to VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sun Screen, had a blast painting our faces with Zinka and filmed our stoked moments with GoPro cameras! I really gotta have those bags from Sea to Summit and water bottles from Nalgene in my next surf trip. Not to mention cool stuff to wear from Agos and Hurley!

New memories we’ll never forget

What else can I say? I loved the company I was with, the lessons, the instructors, the organizer (Elaine rocks!) and the whole trip itself.

Finally meeting and hanging out in person after being Instagram & Facebook friends, Hanz with Surfista owner Elaine Abonal

Most of all, I realized , I love surfing.

Thank you, Surfista Travels!

Officially completing a weekend of surf lessons with his fellow Surfistas

Hanz with his team of September 2012 Surfista participants!

Check out the video from Hanz’s weekend!

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