Additional Comments from the September 2012 Surfista Trip!

A SMILE, LAUGHTER and NEW FOUND FRIENDS tell us that we’re doing a good job at Surfista Travels. But we also collect evaluation forms after every trip to know how we did. Sounds like we made everyone happy again in our last trip! Our TESTIMONIALS page is filling up, but we want to remember and share the KIND words from EVERY trip, especially from our latest September 2012 Surfistas. Here are the best comments and thoughts about what  our new crazy fun Surfistas has to say about their experience:

“You guys are the best when it comes to showing people (especially those from different kinds of lives) what surfing is about and I LOVE it!”

“Keep it up! You make people happy. : )”

“The Surfista trip was great! Too bad it was only for a couple of days. I’ll be back and stay longer next time. Bitin!”

“THANK YOU so much for this opportunity!”

“The whole trip was organized from an amazing perspective. It is important to have a personal touch to a trip because it will feel more real!” ~ Carlo Delantar

“Love you! Inspire more people!!” ~ Bea Puertollano

“I enjoyed the CAMARADERIE the most in this trip. We totally lucked out! Had a blast and thank you!! For sure you can expect me in future trips.” ~ Madeleine Singson

“This has been an incredible experience. Loved the food, the company, and the surf! I will never see WAVES the same away again – and for that I would like to thank my friends for bugging me to join and encouraging me to go, and to Elaine for making this trip possible. Muchas gracias people!” ~ Mickey Castano

Want to read more about what our other Surfistas had to say about their trips? Check out our TESTIMONIALS page.

Also check out our PHOTOS and VIDEOS! If you want to see more, please go to our FACEBOOK page to check out different albums from our trips.

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