10 Things I Love About Baler by Jovanne Lagman

  1. SURF! One of Baler’s famous surf spots, Sabang beach, is not the only place to catch good waves. There are also clean, barreling waves like Cemento for skilled surfers who ride shortboards, and nice, small peelers like Secret Spot or Rivermouth for surfers who enjoy long rides on longboards.

Jovanne Lagman enjoying the waves of Baler. Photo by Calix Enggay


  1. LOCALS. The friendliest, most energetic company that’s needed to keep a trip stoked! Locals of Baler are more than willing to entertain guests at any time to enjoy Baler to the fullest.


  1. FOOD. Start the day with a plate of Tapsilog in El Teodoro, and have some peanut butter flavored coffee at Ground Swell after. On a tight budget? Enjoy lunch or dinner at the famous Rolling Store with fresh home cooked meals. Baler is also covered with fresh grilled seafood and ensaladang pako on any of the food establishments around.

There are so many food choices in Baler!




  1. LOCATION. The best sunrise view happens on the east side. Wake up early morning to catch it, and appreciate the sun’s rays filling the ocean bed, turning it into a mix of warm, soft colours of reds, oranges, and violets.

Waking up to catch the sunrise is always worth it in Baler. Photo taken at Aliya Surf Camp.


  1. ENVIRONMENT. Unlike other populated beaches in the Philippines, Baler has always kept their surroundings clean. Not to mention, even the roads to other surf spots is a rough way just to keep it natural and untouched. The countless beautiful coconut trees, clean river paths, and different kinds of colorful flowers seen along the way are what Baler has best.

Surfistas Elaine Abonal and Jovanne look like dwarves next to the wide expanse of gigantic coconut trees! We are in paradise!

  1. SCENERY. A photographer can easily capture a picturesque view of what defines Baler. Appreciate the view of the horizon along Sabang, explore on other beaches like Dicasalarin, or watch the best sunset view over at the Ermita Hill.


  1. GOOD COMPANY. Travelling alone? Meeting new people along the way will save the trip’s worth! See the famous Balete Tree (also known as the Millenium Tree) or trek through to the Mother Falls together.

There are so many waterfalls to choose from and what better way to spend time with your friends than exploring nature with them! Here are Surfistas enjoying the cool waterfalls after a short hike and their surf lessons.


  1. THE TOWN. Also known as their “bayan,” it has everything needed fit for Baler’s lifestyle. The town not only has the market, food establishments and other services, it also has some historical background on its architecture and urban design, as well as their museum called Museo de Baler that stores different artifacts from ancient civilizations.


  1. NIGHT LIFE. This is not the city nightlife of unlimited booze and hyped music. The setting of Baler at night would either be acoustic sessions or videoke machines in bars, or a few bonfires with groups gathered around it along the stretch of Sabang beach.

10. BOATS. Explore Baler in a different way! There are a number of boats that can be used for touring all day. Wanderers will find coves, islands, reefs, and even historical landmarks that can only be seen from the sea. For surfers, this is also an easier way to check out surf spots along the coast.


Jovanne started as a Surfista and now has her own beautiful longboard and goes on surf trips on her own. We couldn’t be more proud of our Surfista girl!


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Surfista La Union February 2014 Video Highlights

Congratulations to the February 2014 Surfistas to La Union! You guys did such a great job and it was an honor to be a part of many of your FIRST surfing experience.

Check out this fun video made by Surfista Abraham Erbel of his 2nd Surfista experience with us (he joined Surfista Baler too ;)!


Surfista Highlights at the Philippine Wahine Classic 2013

Surfista Travels Philippines was a proud sponsor and supporter of the 1st ever Philippine Wahine Classic organized by Carla Rowland of the Surf Institute. Surfista’s Elaine Abonal was also the voice behind the microphone and the commentator of the event.

Check out the photo highlights from an amazing part of Philippine surfing history!


Elaine Abonal of Surfista Travels was the commentator during the vent. It’s not as easy as it looks!


Awarding with Gerard Sison of SurfPh, Carla Rowland of the Surf Institute, Elaine Abonal of Surfista Travels and Joncy Sumulong of Stoked
Photo by Ian Zamora

Daisy Valdez of La Union won BOTH open wahine longboard and shortboard divisions during the contest!
Awarding with Gerard Sison of SurfPh, Carla Rowland of the Surf Institute, Elaine Abonal of Surfista Travels and Joncy Sumulong of Stoked
Photo by Ian Zamora


The wahines / surf girls of the 1st Philippine Wahine Classic!
Awarding with Gerard Sison of SurfPh, Carla Rowland of the Surf Institute, Elaine Abonal of Surfista Travels and Joncy Sumulong of Stoked
Photo by Ian Zamora

The wahines with Aliya Surf Camp’s owner Roy Angara

Surfista Travels Philippines supports awesome events like these!

On the microphone: Carla Rowland and Elaine Abonal

Awesome Surfistas helping out Elaine Abonal while on the microphone! Thanks Nina Lacson, Ghoul Crisologo & Rusty Jorbina!


Beautiful weather for the weekend. We were very lucky!

Waves were pretty big for some of the malihinis but everyone did such a great job surfing!

Surfista friend and contest finalist Jam Choa with her Surfista bling!


Surfboards taking a break at the Aliya Surf Camp

Fearless females working hard to make a difference in the Philippine surfing community! Thank you Carla Rowland for having Surfista Travels as part of your event. You did a great job!






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April 2014 Surfista Trip to Baler Video Highlights

Check out this video of Surfista Jonathan Lanuzga of our trip to BALER last month! It’s always awesome to see our Surfistas happy!

He documented the whole trip – from our van ride, to his surf lessons, while staying at the Aliya Surf Resort, on our hike to the waterfalls and to the biggest Balete tree in Asia, and hanging out with his new Surfista friends. Check it out!


Surfista Travels’ 2nd Year Anniversary Party!

SURFISTA TRAVELS PHILIPPINES is 2 years old!!!!!  Last February 28, 2014 a party was held for the Surfistas, sponsors, friends & fans at Skippy’s Bar in BGC to celebrate the past 2 awesome years and a chance for Surfistas to have a reunion. It was a chill night with the awesome band Tempestuous Jones. THANKS for all those who came, dropped by, and celebrated with us, to our SPONSORS for giving prizes to our loyal Surfistas, to Xavier D’Souza for taking these awesome photos and to Moireen Espinosa for helping reserve spots for us.

Congratulations and happy birthday to all of us! 

Tempestuous Jones
Elaine Abonal of Surfista Travels giving her Thank You speech and giving awards and prizes from our sponsors like GoPro Philippines, Hurley Philippines, VMV Hypoallergenics Philippines to loyal Surfistas
Surfista Travels’ Elaine Abonal and loyal Surfistas Chris Romero and Jovanne Lagman


Rockin’ out to Tempestuous Jones
with our talented photographer Xavier D’Souza
Skippy’s Bar and Grill at BGC
Loyal Surfistas JK Beltran and Trina mundo get freebies from GoPro as well as a stay at Aliya Surf Resort! Woohoo!
Scott Judy and his red pants to signify Surfista love!
Pretty Surfistas Tats and Andrea
Great reunion for old surf friends: JP Ong, Rob Chase from California, Elaine Abonal and Chris Romero
Elaine Abonal with our friends and amazing surfers that we worked with last year: Surfboard shaper and photographer Ian Zamora and The Surf Institute’s Carla Rowland


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