by Larry Guevara


Did you know?!? Surfista Flair Bartender Larry has made a drink called SURFISTA SLING!! It’s naughty but nice… sweet but dangerous! Ingredients are our secret. Thanks for the drink Larry!

My initial motivation to go on surfing was after watching a training video by Scott Young of back in the late 90’s. I remember him mentioning a guy named Kelly Slater who added a different kind of “flair” to his surfing skills. Of course, add to that those inspirational movies like “Blue Crush” and “Soul Surfer” that portrayed the female gender’s “official” entry in the professional surfing scene, and probably you get the picture.


I was pretty much living a different yet very exciting “life on board” though. For some time I was working as a flair bartender on board international cruise lines travelling around the world and visiting other countries (for free!!!) My love and passion for “flair” (bottle-flipping and entertainment bartending) was what really inspired me to work behind the stick. Competitively, I consider it as my chosen “sport” which requires not only mental preparedness and physical agility but more so requires passion, determination, in-depth knowledge, accuracy, consistency, and great BALANCE. Pretty much like surfing!


A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity of joining some of the coolest surfing enthusiasts that was organized and headed by Elaine Abonal of Surfista Travels. Four words to describe it: “IT WAS A BLAST!” My first try standing on the surf board on my first attempt was one of the biggest achievements I consider in my life (seriously!) The moment I nailed it I knew right then that surfing was for me. Same like when I realized that entertaining people and getting creative with cocktails and beverages was really my passion. You see, bartending is not just a profession – IT IS A WAY OF LIFE. Anyone can try it but not everyone can hack it in the real world. Like surfing, it takes a lot of nerves to be able to wing it out in the open seas and to face your fears once you have decided to paddle out. With every fall, every wipe out, every scar and what-not, we keep on pushing the envelope and we keep doing it because of the rush that we get once we catch a wave. But, for the most part, we do it because it’s F-U-N!!!

Surfista Sling

And in honor of the brave and passionate souls either “on board” or “behind bars” I have created a refreshing potion otherwise known as the “Surfista Sling.” A generous amount of vodka, triple sec, fresh lemon and four seasons juices makes this libation a refreshing drink after hours of catching waves or even at your home bar. Enjoy.


Larry Guevara Surfista Batch # 7


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