Agos Pilipinas designs Surfista Travels Shirts

Before going on our first trip, we asked our friends at Agos Pilipinas – a lifestyle brand inspired by the Philippine tropical life – if they could sponsor and help Surfista Travels provide shirts for our participants. We’ve seen their designs and liked them and we’re all about supporting and promoting surf and beach culture and businesses in the Philippines. We also wanted shirts that Surfistas weren’t just going to wear one time, but quality and classy shirts shirts they would be proud to wear on all their other trips.

And voila! They said yes and designed our very own Surfista Travels shirts. They turned out really good and we couldn’t be happier. The participants loved it and since we’ve been posting photos online, people have been wanting to have their own Surfista Travels shirts too!


Luke Landrigan, our friend and favorite pro surfer sponsored by Billabong, supporting Surfista Travels & loving our shirt!

We love our sponsors and are proud to have them with Surfista Travels!

With the boys on our first surf trip - the first to wear the shirts!

Ea Delos Sanots (Agos Pilipinas co-owner), Elaine Abonal (Surfista Travels owner & founder), Mica Ferrer (Agos Pilipinas co-owner & talented designer) & Aya Biason (Agos & Surfista fan & friend!)

We’d normally save the shirts exclusively for the participants, but because we’re all about SHARING the Surfista love, we’ve agreed with Agos Pilipinas to have them available for you to order online. Check out their website at to order your OWN Surfista Travels shirt.


We're sharing the Surfista love, so you can order your OWN shirt too!

Also check their Facebook page and their Twitter account for updates and other Agos designs!


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