La Famille Thomas avec Surfista Travels Philippines

Last March 3 & 4, Surfista Travels had a private group tour with the Thomas family. They are a French family who just moved to Manila last year and are expats. Fortunately at Surfista Travels, we speak French and it was a fun weekend both for them and for us.  The sun was bright and shining (summer is HERE!) and the waves were perfect for learning. The best part they said? Surfing. And the part they liked the least? Going home. It was a great weekend for everyone and it was awesome to show the beauty of the Philippines and the friendly instructors of San Juan Surf School! Here are some pictures and a video to give you a glimpse of our weekend.

Victoire with her Surfista Travels T-shirt

The Thomas family with San Juan Surf School

Surfing 101

What a fun relaxing weekend for both students & surf instructors!

The family that surfs together, stays together!

Mayeul is a little ripper!

Lunch at the Riverfarm Restaurant - delicious grilled seafood yum!

with her Surfista Travels Certificate. Felicitations Melanie!

Thanks for booking a private tour with Surfista Travels! Merci beaucoup!

For more information please visit out website or e-mail us at :)

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