Surfista Travels Private Group Tour Experience by Shirley Aromin

July 2012

My husband and I had our first surfing experience with Surfista Travels & San Juan Surf Resort. I wasn’t sure about whether it was a good idea because of the weather, but I figured I might as well try surfing once in my life. After a 6 hour drive to La Union, we rested for a few hours before surfing. We were briefed by Ms. Elaine Abonal of Surfista Travels. We were very fortunate to learn the basics from a Pro-surfer, Luke Landrigan. Instructors were assigned to us individually. My instructor kept watching me and giving me encouragement and feedback to help me out.

Shirley & her husbands’ first time to try surfing!

Private instruction by Billabong pro surfer Luke Landrigan

I wasn’t in a good shape for surfing and because I lacked sleep because I was too excited about our surf trip so I struggled a bit to get up. It was maybe an hour of lessons before I got up the surf board. After swallowing mouthfuls of salt water after wipeouts, my arms were so sore and I was a bit tired of falling off. I just kept trying one wipeout after another. It was hard but once you catch that wave, just as I did an hour after my first surfing experience, it’s all worth it. I was still having fun with my husband and friends and I was able to get up several times and rode a few waves.

Clifford making it look super easy!

Shirley with her instructor from the San Juan Surf School

One of the perks of joining Surfista Travels for a surfing trip is having lots of freebies! We were given Armada Sport 70 Sunscreens by VMV HYPOALLERGENICS Philippines. I love the Armada Sport Suncreen because it’s not greasy and it’s gentle for sensitive skin. We even got free facial cards from VMV! Our trip was also sponsored by Lightwater & VitaminBoost and we had a supply of drinks to keep us hydrated & energized!

Surfista perks: Sponsor freebies!

Armada Sport 70 sunscreen from our new sponsor VMV Hypoallergenics Philippines!

I seemed skeptical to try surfing at first but in the end, I had a shared experience with my husband and friends and great memories. Thanks to Surfista Travels and Sponsors for the awesome experience. I will definitely surf with Surfista Travels again.

New group of Surfistas! We’ll be back!

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