1st Baler Surfista Trip Comments

What did the first batch of Surfistas have to say about their trip to Baler??  Here are their comments!

Baler, Aurora – November 30 – December 2, 201277072_10151552424503986_864117321_n

“Going with Surfista Travels is one of the best decisions I’ve made.” ~ Lottie Hablado

“Aliya Resort is beautiful! The rooms are nice. It took a while to get here but it was worth the trip! Surf instructors are fun and Surfistas are redonkulous!” ~ Kevin Mayuga

“What did I enjoy the most?? The waterfalls, the surf lessons, the night swimming, friendly people, not having to worry too much – I can’t pick! Surfista Travels definitely gives you a life-changing experience. All the new people you meet, the good food, the fun adventures and other wonderful things all boil right down to when you catch a wave. I’d catch myself smiling non-stop from the whole experience!” ~ Kevin Mayuga


“I have no complaints. The trip was pretty EPIC.” ~ Priti Sujanani

“The place was amazing! Surfing with your friends will always be the best. Going to the Mother Falls was the special part of the trip. Getting freebies from the sponsors was a blessing! I LOVE Surfista Travels and I will always be a Surfista!” ~ Mila Gulfan

“This is my 2nd time with Surfista Travels and it was another fun and memorable trip. Thanks Elaine!” ~ Madeleine Singson

“I love d the surf, the location and the company. It is like you are hanging out with friends and not strangers. You do a great job of being a “friend” and not just the coordinator. I had an AMAZING time – everything is so well organized and you have created the perfect formula for a weekend away with “new friends.” Keep up the sweet work… a truly unique trip!” ~ Kerry Lomas, Australia


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