Private Surfista Tour: Graham Family from the Marshall Islands go to Baler

On the first week of April, we’ve had the pleasure of working with the Graham Family from the Marshall Islands to go on a Surfista trip and this time to BALER! The Grahams were with Surfista Elaine Abonal in La Union last February and this time, they wanted to explore more and see the NorthEastern part of the Philippines. Ronnie who is 6 years old did such a great job surfing and Lykie, his cousin, was so brave surfing. We worked with the Mahdox Surf School owned by Okoy Rojo and the boys each had their own surf instructor. We also went around touring Baler – to the biggest Balete tree in Asia as well as the Baler Museum. We were there on weekdays to beat the crowd and the conditions were perfect for surf lessons! Check out the photo highlights to see what we were up to!

For more photos from this trip, check out our Facebook page or click HERE.

Surf lessons behind this beautiful setting of mountain ranges!

Ronnie’s 2nd time surfing with Surfista Travels and this time with Mahdox Surf School!

Laiky from the Marshall Islands surfing in the Philippines for the first time!

Go Ronnie! Only 6 years old and already a surfer!!

The view going to Baler is beautiful! The Philippines is amazing!

Finally arrived in Baler after 6-7 hours on the road

Photo opportunity in front of one of the cool surf mosaics in the small town of Baler

We were lucky with the beautiful weather and waves

Visiting the largest Balete tree. Can you see our Surfista kids?

Surfista groms!!

A beautiful Baler sunset in the mountains.



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