The 1st Weekend Retreat w/ Surfista Travels & The Surf Institute

Last April 13 – 14, 2013, Surfista Travels Philippines teamed up with Carla Rowland* of The Surf Institute to have the first ever Weekend Retreat for INTERMEDIATE surfers in San Juan, La Union. The retreat was targeted for intermediate surfers who can already paddle into their own wave and have had more than the basic surf lessons. There were only 6 students, which is just the right number, because we wanted to have each Surfista be given enough attention and guidance while in the water. We were being filmed the whole time by Ian Zamora and we watched and discussed our individual videos to see what we did right as well as what each surfer needed to do in order to improve our surfing. We learned a LOT and were really impressed by the instruction of Carla Rowland. Not only did she teach us how to improve our stance or pop ups, but she has also given us the encouragement and inspiration that many of us surfers don’t realize we have been lacking. It was an awesome experience and we highly recommend it to future intermediate Surfistas. There WILL be more in different locations so please keep updated to see where we’re going next!

(*Carla Rowland is a native Southern Californian and been a local at the infamous First Point Malibu since infancy. With over 20 years of surfing experience, over 10 years of instructing others; along with her extensive background within special education and substitute teaching, as well as a degree in Communication, Carla has developed a detailed method that is guaranteed to advance wave riders to the next level. She has come to the Philippines with the intention of sharing this knowledge with Pinoy sliders, allowing them to take their surfing journey into places they never imagined!)

In the meantime, enjoy these photos to get a preview of how our weekend went. To see more photos, you may go to our Facebook page or click HERE.


New posters from our sponsors at Hurley

We were so excited to have the beautiful Sabs Bengzon as one of our intermediate Surfistas!

The class of 6 with our Hurley – Surfista rashguards
(Elaine Abonal, Chelle Tingzon, Emily Barriga, Hanz Cubillan, Isabel Bengzon & Nicky Daez)

With Carla Rowland of The Surf Institute – before we went out in the water

A beautifl long ride by Sabs!!

Carla Rowland showing us how it’s done!

Emily and Elaine sharing the Surfista love on this wave – and having FUN while they’re at it!

All done with out morning surf sessons – who are having fun? :)

Individual video analysis – it makes a huge difference to SEE what we were doing!

The intermediate Surfistas

CONGRATULATIONS to these Surfistas for being the 1st group to go on a Surfista – TSI Weekend Retreat!

Elaine Abonal of Surfista Travels Philippines and Carla Rowland of The Surf Institute – joining forces to spread the surf love!

Happy Class Photo! Surfista Travels – TSI, April 2013


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