March 2013 Surfista Trip to Baler Highlights


CONGRATULATIONS to the Surfistas during our trip to BALER, Aurora last March 22 – 24, 2013. It was a rainy weekend but we still managed to have fun with an awesome group of people AND we were blessed with beautiful peeling waves and sunshine on our last day. Awesomeness. It was amazing to meet you all! Until the next Surfista trip!

Here are some photo higlights!

Happy group (as you can tell with our smiles) photo for our Surfistas to Baler last March 22 – 24, 2013! :)

We soaked up a little bit of culture by going to the Baler Museum for the rainy weekend.

With our awesome videographer Marc from Canadia and JK when we rented ATV’s to drive on the beach :)

Marc Labrie from Canada was awesome enough to offer his services and help spread the Surfista love!

Francis Arellano surfing!! Yewwww! Good job dude!

Rusty Jorbina flew in all the way from Cebu just to join our trip to Baler! Sweet!


Loyal Surfista Frances on her 4th Surfista trip!! We’ll make sure she waxes her own board next time ;)

They key to surfing is to keep on doing it! Proud of these Surfista chicks carrying their own boards and smiling while they’re at it!

Arthur from CHINA was a man of few words but we heard that he had such a great time! He’s also joining us for our Surfista trip to Siargao! ;)

Baler, March 2013

We adopted an American and another Canadian during the trip and was helping spread the Surfista love around the world!

Aliya Surf Camp in Baler with our sponsors’ banners

We were so thankful that the sun came out on our last day. It was the BEST surf session for Surfista to date! It pays to wake up at 6 AM!

Surfista looking schnazzy before their surf lessons and sessions with their Hurley – Surfista rashguards

Beautiful Surfista chicks looking classy with their rashguards!


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Extraits – OuiSurf et Surfista Travels Philippines


Remember when Elaine Abonal of Surfista Travels Philippines worked with French Canadian surf TV crew OUISURF.CA last October 2012 as a surf guide to help them out for their show? Well, it finally came out TODAY in Quebec, Canada and we were so amazed by the outcome. We didn’t get to watch the show here in the Philippines, but luckily, OuiSurf has some “extraits” or video snippets from the show of our experience together. Enjoy these videos whether you speak French or not. It was an amazing adventure and we hope to see them again!

Philippines / Guide Locale / Surfista Travels from 
Other videos:
San Juan Surf Resort, La Union, Philippines from
Cockfight in La Union, Philippines from
Aliya Surf Camp, Baler, Philippines from
Cemento Reef, Baler, Philippines from
Balut in Baler, Philippines from
Rolling Store in Baler, Philippines from

1st Trip to Baler with Surfista Travels Philippines, December 2012

Beautiful Baler

Our happy Surfistas wearing their Hurley-Surfista rashguards before their surf lessons.

Surfista Travels Philippines went on our first trip to Baler on the long weekend of November 30 to December 2, 2012. It was a SUCCESSFUL and memorable trip for all the Surfistas who participated! We even had participants who flew in all the way from Malaysia and Bacolod/Australia and one took the bus all the way from Bicol just to join this group! They said that their trips were definitely worth it. The weather and wave conditions were perfect for our Surfistas and they also got to see the beautiful Mother Waterfalls in between surf lessons.

Aliya Surf Camp

Beautiful weather and perfect conditions for our Surfistas

We stayed at the beautiful Aliya Surf Camp and had lessons with the Aliya Surf School. Surfistas also received a lot of freebies from our amazing sponsors: Hurley Philippines, GoPro Philippines, VMV Hypoallergenics Philippines, Lightwater, Vitaminboost, Agos Pilipinas, 7107 Island Travel Magazine, Nalgene Philippines and Sea To Summit Philippines.

There were a lot of laughs, smiles, good vibes, and pictures taken and we couldn’t have asked for a better pioneer Baler Surfista group.

Check out our photos!

Surfistas on this trip actually got a full tube of Armada Face Cover from VMV Hypoallergenics Philippines!

Keeping hydrated with Vitaminboost!

Surfistas showing off their freebies from our awesome sponsors!

Surfista Travels LOVES VMV Hypoallergenics Philippines’ Armada sunscreen!


Mother Falls in Baler

Surfistas freezing in the cold waters of the Mother Falls in Baler

Australian volunteer in Bacolod Kerry improving her surf skils while she’s still in tropical waters!

Stacy flew in all the way from Malaysia to join this group! She loved surfing!

Repeat Surfista Roma was just in the La Union with us the week before and came back to Baler. Look at her improve quickly!

Hanz is another loyal Surfista who is really serious about improving his craft.

Madeleine is another repeat Surfista who wanted to discover the beauty of Baler with us!

The pioneer Surfista Travels group to Baler with Roy Angara of Aliya Surf Camp


Of course we had to pose this way!

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1st Baler Surfista Trip Comments

What did the first batch of Surfistas have to say about their trip to Baler??  Here are their comments!

Baler, Aurora – November 30 – December 2, 201277072_10151552424503986_864117321_n

“Going with Surfista Travels is one of the best decisions I’ve made.” ~ Lottie Hablado

“Aliya Resort is beautiful! The rooms are nice. It took a while to get here but it was worth the trip! Surf instructors are fun and Surfistas are redonkulous!” ~ Kevin Mayuga

“What did I enjoy the most?? The waterfalls, the surf lessons, the night swimming, friendly people, not having to worry too much – I can’t pick! Surfista Travels definitely gives you a life-changing experience. All the new people you meet, the good food, the fun adventures and other wonderful things all boil right down to when you catch a wave. I’d catch myself smiling non-stop from the whole experience!” ~ Kevin Mayuga


“I have no complaints. The trip was pretty EPIC.” ~ Priti Sujanani

“The place was amazing! Surfing with your friends will always be the best. Going to the Mother Falls was the special part of the trip. Getting freebies from the sponsors was a blessing! I LOVE Surfista Travels and I will always be a Surfista!” ~ Mila Gulfan

“This is my 2nd time with Surfista Travels and it was another fun and memorable trip. Thanks Elaine!” ~ Madeleine Singson

“I love d the surf, the location and the company. It is like you are hanging out with friends and not strangers. You do a great job of being a “friend” and not just the coordinator. I had an AMAZING time – everything is so well organized and you have created the perfect formula for a weekend away with “new friends.” Keep up the sweet work… a truly unique trip!” ~ Kerry Lomas, Australia


Additional Comments from the September 2012 Surfista Trip!

A SMILE, LAUGHTER and NEW FOUND FRIENDS tell us that we’re doing a good job at Surfista Travels. But we also collect evaluation forms after every trip to know how we did. Sounds like we made everyone happy again in our last trip! Our TESTIMONIALS page is filling up, but we want to remember and share the KIND words from EVERY trip, especially from our latest September 2012 Surfistas. Here are the best comments and thoughts about what  our new crazy fun Surfistas has to say about their experience:

“You guys are the best when it comes to showing people (especially those from different kinds of lives) what surfing is about and I LOVE it!”

“Keep it up! You make people happy. : )”

“The Surfista trip was great! Too bad it was only for a couple of days. I’ll be back and stay longer next time. Bitin!”

“THANK YOU so much for this opportunity!”

“The whole trip was organized from an amazing perspective. It is important to have a personal touch to a trip because it will feel more real!” ~ Carlo Delantar

“Love you! Inspire more people!!” ~ Bea Puertollano

“I enjoyed the CAMARADERIE the most in this trip. We totally lucked out! Had a blast and thank you!! For sure you can expect me in future trips.” ~ Madeleine Singson

“This has been an incredible experience. Loved the food, the company, and the surf! I will never see WAVES the same away again – and for that I would like to thank my friends for bugging me to join and encouraging me to go, and to Elaine for making this trip possible. Muchas gracias people!” ~ Mickey Castano

Want to read more about what our other Surfistas had to say about their trips? Check out our TESTIMONIALS page.

Also check out our PHOTOS and VIDEOS! If you want to see more, please go to our FACEBOOK page to check out different albums from our trips.

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